Wikipedia Surfing (An initial Attempt)

That Sinking Feeling
That Sinking Feeling by Alberto_VO5

In a previous post I wrote about a Radiolab piece on story finding techniques. In that piece, Latif Nasser offers his best tips for research including “Wikipedia surfing.” It goes like this…keep clicking on the “Random Article” link and follow the rabbit. Here are some wiki surf highlights from about twenty minutes of class time…

Nudelman-Suranov NS-37: Honestly, not sure why I thought this was a highlight. Minolta Dimage EX: Was intrigued by this — “one of the first consumer point-and-shoot cameras released in the American market and featured an unusual interchangeable lens system not normally found in point-and-shoot cameras.” I have an interest in a.v technology. Specifically “old” or “dead” media. Also I have an interest in amateur media making. Maybe an interesting question here — What’s the story of point and shoot photography? (note: something that the Radiolab/Nasser piece has me thinking about is what if we frame research as story finding? That question about photography isn’t particularly original but its a start.

“Words Don’t Fit the Picture”: I’ve never heard of this record. I like Willie Nelson. Most intrigued by the idea of something a “Nashville Sound.” The idea of a regional sound is interesting. A question — again in this story-finding mode — what’s the story of regional sound? How have contemporary music making and listening practices influenced the possibility of their being a regional or location based “sound”?

Bakersfield Sound: I suppose see above. Note this: “Bakersfield country was a reaction to the slickly-produced, string orchestra-laden Nashville Sound, which was becoming popular in the late 1950s. Artists like Wynn Stewart used electric instruments and added a backbeat, as well as other stylistic elements borrowed from rock and roll.”

Fraktur: Had never, ever heard of this. Never thought much about typography or typesetting, but it’s interesting. Particularly if a type (or font?) has gone away or fallen out of fashion. Came to this via an initial landing on the page for Anna Weber. Was intrigued by the notion of her being a Fraktur artist. Not even sure what this would look like.

All in all I dig this technique. At the very least if I’m struggling to come up with something to blog about I can do this and report back on it, or just dive in and start writing about something I’ve found — start to pose questions, wander around that idea.